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I`m all about non-fiction. I’m not sure if I enjoy the process per see or the idea of learning something new. I have always found it fascinating that you can go to a book store and there on the shelf lies this perfectly packed parcel of information that often has taken many years to finish. Just think about it. Some men and women have dedicated their careers in a specific subject: forming hypotheses, testing, failing, testing again only to find out. Then they write it all down and offer it to you at the same price as about three coffees…

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There is a romantic notion of “free will” that the human species allegedly possesses. That is, after all, how it feels in everyday life. Due to being conscious about the choices we make, that is natural. In reality, we are grotesquely clueless about the processes in the background guiding our behavior. There is a whole network beneath the threshold of consciousness that is the true card-holder. This network, I would say, is your “inner citadel”.

The “inner citadel`s” doors are not locked, but they are shut closed for most people. Many of us, and I included, tend to be too…

I don’t want to sound mean, so forgive me in advance if that is the case, but I’m getting frustrated. I almost don’t want to read any more stories because so many of them are click-bait headlines selling you ideas of quick fixes and improvements. “Seven easy steps” this, “three must-do habits” that. And around and around we go. Like seriously. It is not that easy.

Of course, tips and advice have meaning, even immensely so, but be cautious with your claims. It sometimes seems as all I need to do is just to read that one article for my…

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There is a lot of turmoil nowadays. It feels like society at large in many ways is more divided than I have ever experienced, although it sounds funny, coming from a 25-year-old.

Nevertheless, I will not be the first to say how polarized the human race can be. The sense of middle ground seems to have been lost. It is almost as many have forgotten how to let others express themselves and truly listen to their opinions, which is the only way to have a rational dialogue. We feel so certain about our own views and opinions that it is…

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I have no in-depth knowledge about computers and their functions. I somehow never got the thrill of it, so my interest in them has been limited to pure functionality.

The one-term I do know is the CPU or central processing unit (processor). These are responsible for giving and executing specific commands that make computer programs work.

Okay, that’s about all I know, but I don’t need anything more for this article.

The brain and “CPU”

I want to offer an analogy.

Imagine your brain as the CPU.

I feel it is fitting because the brain houses the neuronal circuitry that affects and regulates the…

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I remember the time I did not understand the concept of coffee. How come so many people drank this black, bitter liquid, and even felt affected physically without it?

It all changed when I got a bit older and started working out. Although I disliked the taste, I began drinking black coffee without sugar before workouts to give myself a little boost. At first, it was more of a chore I did to get a better workout, but later it became a necessity.

After a while, I started drinking it every morning, regardless of working out or not. First, it…

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I don’t enjoy talking to strangers. I’m quite good at it if necessary, but the truth is I hate it. I’m not sure if It’s my fear of being awkward and sounding stupid, or the small talk itself. If I had to choose between physical labor or small talking, I prefer the former (alright, depending on the work, I’m not crazy). I’ve always felt it’s a waste of time, because most often nobody gains anything, just uses up mental reserves and energy to sound polite and interested. But I also understand that talking to other people is essential for gaining…

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After what feels like many years of looking, I have finally found the perfect notebook. It`s very simple — black covers and yellowish blank pages. They come packed in three, so they last for a long time. But the best attribute has to do with where they are sold. These notebooks are found mostly in supermarkets without any other alternatives. The only choice I have to make is whether I want black or grey covers, and that`s a choice I`m willing to make.

If I had gone to a regular bookstore, I would find tens to the hundreds of different…

We suddenly find ourselves in a surreal and absurd situation. Everyday life has been turned upside down, and social interactions are regulated by numbers. Whenever has grocery shopping been such a challenge? One has to maneuver between shelves and vitrines to abide by the social distancing rules and not look too careless.

And that is the least of our problems. It is hard to think about the impact this pandemic has had on people’s livelihoods, sense of security, and mental well-being. These are worrisome and uncertain times when the whole picture can change day by day. People are losing jobs…

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